Letterhythm's Artist Profile
The name is Dhiya Roslan but better known as Letterhythm is a designer by day and calligrapher by night. With a professional background in the design, printing, advertising and media production industries since 2012⁠—⁠a journey of almost 10 years of ups and down—he came to fall in love with calligraphy while dabbling in graffiti and street art in the 2000s. By combining his graffiti skills with calligraphy, he is now invested on the new art form called Calligraffiti.
Letterhythm’s artworks mostly consist of simple to hardcore handwritten calligraphy on various mediums such as paper, digital, canvas, wood, fabric, walls, and now NFT. He has participated in and conducted numerous exhibitions and workshops to expose both the young and old to the art of Calligraffiti.
Artist Statement
My work is a study of letterforms and alphabets from various cultures around the world that are sometimes forgotten or have gone extinct. I am exploring the space to create multicultural inscriptions bridging Asian and Western cultures through contemporary writing called calligraffiti, introducing it as a new genre in the art scene. Most of my work consists of handwritten calligraffiti influenced by letters from ancient Gothic, Aramaic, Arabic, Cyrillic, Sanskrit, and Iban (native Borneo) scripts as well as others, combining various elements to form an artwork for both modern and traditional societies. I aim to bridge the letterforms of different cultures into one to show the power of unity, and how collaborations are our future’s next normal.
Work Samples
Some of the previous involvement as Exhibitor, Guest Artist, Competitions, 
Workshop and Vendor.
Reqaseni Art Exhibition @ Sarawak Art Museum, Kuching

Winner, 1st Kuching Graffiti Competition @ Waterfront, Kuching

Live Demo Graffiti for Younity For Charity @ Civic Centre, Kuching

BOLD Maneuveur Graphic Design Show @ White Box, Publika, Kuala Lumpur 
AYC Forum Belia Tegas Art Exhibition @ BCCK, Kuching

Pasatapok Ramadhan Art Exhibition @ Titik Buta Gallery, Emillies Diner, Kuching 
SARAWAK: A MIXTHOLOGY Art Exhibition @ The Granary Kitchen + Bar, Kuching 
Mampu Art Kuching @ Art Space 1, ChinaHouse, Kuching
Kuching First Graffiti Workshop 101 @The Granary, Kuching

World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) x MOCAFEST @ BCCK Kuching 
HASANAH Bersama Rakyat @ PCC Demak, Kuching
Small Town Art Market @ The Granary kuching

Borneo Art Festival @ Labuan
Negaraku Graffiti Competition @ Stadium Negeri Sarawak 
Tune Hotel Art Gallery @ Kuching
Forum Belia Tegas x HAUS @ BCCK Kuching

SCATFAIR Sarawak @ BCCK, Kuching 
Reqaseni Show @ CityOne Mall, Kuching
Art Exibition @ TitikButa Art Gallery, Kuching 
Exhibitor - Rainforest Music Festival @ Kuching 
Exhibitor & Live Demo @ Juh Festival, Kuching

Sarawak (HAUS) Meets ME.REKA Makerspace @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur
MAPFEST by Me.reka Makerspace @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur
Graffiti and Calligraphy Workshop with Guillaume Le Meliner @ Zhongshan building, Kuala Lumpur

2020 / 2021
Selangor Creative Art Movement Online #dudukrumahartchallenge Winner @ Selangor
SCREAM Online Art Exhibition @ Selangor
Featured in Calligraphy Masters Callivember @ Worldwide
Featured in StartLetter @Russia
NFXT Portals NFT Exhibition @ Rumah Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur
Detik NEWSANTARA Metaverse NFT Exhibition @Muzium Telekom, Kuala Lumpur

NFTSWK NFT Art Exhibition @ Think & Tink , Kuching
Introduction to NFT as presenter @ TEGAS Digital Village, Kuching
Seni Kita Exhibition by HAUS @ Old Court House, Kuching
Festival Bitara Seni - Calligraffiti Workshop by Balai Seni Negara @ HAUS, Kuching
Calligraffiti Painting on Citrawarna Malaysia by Balai Seni Negara @ Waterfront, Kuching
Rainforest World Music Festival Vendor & Exhibitor @ Cultural Village, Kuching
Borneo Talents Podcast by Hitz FM @ Kuching 
First Solo Digital Art Exhibition, Seni Kripto by Digital Art Gallery @ Kuala Lumpur
NFT Networking Night @ Kuching
M1NTED Asia Exhibition & Conference @ Kuala Lumpur
Crypto Art Week Asia @ The Rise of Asia Museum, Singapore
CULTR3 CR3ATRS NFT Exhibition @ Seol, South Korea

Sunbear Music & Arts Festival @ Borneo Cultural Village, Kuching
Digital Calligraphy Revolution Talk @ UNIMAS, Sarawak
World Storytelling Fringe Festival 2023 @ Old Court House, Kuching
Uni Open Day @ iCats University College, Sarawak
Vibin with Lek @ Sarawak State Museum
HUG Words & Verses Digital Curation @ thehug.xyz
Pesta Seni NFT Speaker @ Lek's Mansion, Kuching
Ministry of Tourism Arts & Craft Malaysia for Borneo Craft Festival 
with National Art Gallery Malaysia @ Bintulu, Sarawak

A Date With Arts Exhibition @ HAUS, Kuching
Microwave Once Upon A Time Art Exhibition @ University Technology Sarawak, Sibu
Festival Merakyatkan Seni Malaysia with ASWARA @ Waterfront, Kuching, Sarawak

More to come... 

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