Where Calligraphy Meets Graffiti  |  Where Traditional Meets Modern  |  Where Concept Meets Abstract
1 of 1 Unique NFT
Digitally Handwritten Artwork (Damn Hard Effort)
Not AI nor Generative Artwork
Volume of 200 individual pieces
3000 x 3000 pixels
Minted on ETH Blockchain
Foundation Drop
Mint is LIVE 
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1/1 unique interpretation of mood and feelings conveyed in the rhythm of handwritten calligraffiti that formed a stroke in the exact moment of creation. 
Asemic Rhythm can be polysemantic or have infinite meanings, or zero meaning, or its meaning can evolve over time. You decide how to translate and explore the work, in this sense, you becomes co-creator of Asemic Rhythm. Inviting you to explore new perspectives and discovery of our own inner self. With a unique blend of styles and alphabets, Letterhythm's calligraffiti pieces are a true testament to the power and beauty of the written word in abstract form. 
My work is a study of letterforms and alphabets from various cultures around the world that are sometimes forgotten or have gone extinct. I am exploring the space to create multicultural inscriptions bridging Asian and Western cultures through contemporary writing called calligraffiti, introducing it as a new genre in the art scene. 
Most of my work consists of handwritten calligraffiti influenced by letters from ancient Gothic, Aramaic, Arabic, Cyrillic, Sanskrit, and Iban (native Borneo) scripts as well as others, combining various elements to form an artwork for both modern and traditional societies. I aim to bridge the letterforms of different cultures into one to show the power of unity, and how collaborations are our future’s next normal.

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Commercial License Granted
The utilities depend on you. What you want to do with it, how you want to use it, where you want to put it its all up to you. This rewards you as the co-creator of Asemic Rhythm. You as the holder/owner has the right to use the work for personal and commercial use. Below is an example of the work printed and framed for your interior needs to lived up your space and aesthetics. 
You can use Asemic Rhythm as your current PFP background of most avatar (PFP) project that matches the colour or vibe that you're looking for and stand out from the crowd! 
Don't know how to change your PFP background? DM me on Twitter @Letterhythm 🖤 
*Sample Images are for illustrations purposes only. Not related to any projects or person involved, yet. 👀
Phases will be revealed once minting process has started. 
Thank you so much for the support 🙏🏻✨
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